Our Core Purpose

Why we’re here

All great firms have a core purpose – an essential reason for being. The reason we all get up and go to work in the morning (noon and night).

So what’s BearingPoint’s core purpose? What’s our big why? At the end of the day when you strip everything else away, what are we here to do?

We’re here to lead the way in helping our clients navigate change for lasting success.

Happily our purpose runs through our BearingPoint name

“I remember talking to the CEO at the time, and he said, ‘You will like this name, being Nordic, the sea-faring nations,’ because it’s a navigational term – something that fits the firm, that is both goal-focused, but also quite strategic in its thinking.

We don’t just do things, we have a purpose and a direction, and we don’t just run in any direction, we set a goal first, a point towards which we lay out the bearing and then navigate accordingly.”

Per Jacobsson

Of course, living up to our purpose involves each and every one of us in the firm playing our part to the full. Indeed we have an equally important core focus on our people:

We encourage and enable people to be leaders and help build a better future.

Sharing strengths

“Something that struck me quite early was that you’re given quite a lot of responsibility. It might be challenging, but I think most people here love challenges. You are surrounded by talented colleagues whom you can always ask for advice. I think sharing, which many people do very well – that’s one of the strengths here. People are very professional. At the same time we have a lot of fun together. People here are positive, energetic, and it’s a very nice and unique social environment. A thing I like a lot about our company is the low hierarchy. It’s easy to speak to managers, discuss diverse topics, and work together in projects as a team.

Furthermore, our company has an environment that encourages initiatives and new ideas, both internally and at the client. I really like the emphasis on having an entrepreneurial mindset thinking outside the box.”

Emma Lindberg
Senior Consultant

Encouraging entrepreneurs

“We are looking for entrepreneurs, so it’s more the start-up approach that we are selling to people. We are a very nimble organization. We need to experiment; we need to innovate and this innovation can come with different people, different strategies, different segments. We are always very positive with that.”

Eric Falque