Our Creation

How it all began

In August 2009, our founding partners sealed the deal that set us on our way as an independent firm of management and technology consultants wholeheartedly committed to the long-term success of our clients and our partnership…

Taking the Risks

“There was a high personal risk for the people that founded the firm, a lot of stress, a lot of activities moving in parallel, and we still simply did not know if we would make it. So I would say teamwork was extremely important, being committed, but also excellence.

We wanted to become partners and entrepreneurs, we didn’t want to be employed managing directors in a corporation. Without that, there wouldn’t have been that commitment to go after the deal.

In a professional services firm, if you want to act as a trusted advisor to your clients, you must act as an entrepreneur, because it’s a big, big difference at the end of the day if you feel in charge and responsible for everything that is done.

One of the statements I reiterated to the managing directors in 2009 was, ‘Guys, one thing is for sure – after the MBO there is no longer the excuse that it is the fault of corporate!’”

Peter Mockler
Managing Partner

Loyalty, Courage, Determination

“At a time when BearingPoint was at risk of falling off the map of the world, we stood up and said, ‘Look, we believe that we can make this work, if we can get enough partners on board first.’ So on and on we were saying to our partners ‘Stick with us, we can buy the firm.’ During that time it was quite turbulent, because we had to meet a large number of potential buyers, but the message we gave to all of them was that our preference would be to do an MBO and start the firm all over again in Europe.

Analysts, the markets, everybody was looking at us, saying, ‘Well, we give this some probability to succeed, but it’s highly risky – we don’t know if this firm’s gonna be around. So I think many people just doomed us out and said that we were not going to survive.

In the midst of that, a few partners, primarily the management committee at the time, put a bit of capital into a new firm that we used as a vehicle for all the other partners to invest in.”

Per Jacobsson

An opportunity to shape our future

“I think that most of us viewed it as an opportunity to shape our future – not only the future of this firm but, in a sense, our future in another dimension: our personal experience.

The good side of doing it in Europe was that we were a mixture of people of great complementary strengths, history, experience, culture. We were used to working together. It’s a balance of different cultures, different profiles, different experiences, different languages.”

Eric Falque

Combining the best

“We really had a unique opportunity window to create our own firm, taking the best things of a partnership-based culture and the best things of a corporation, such as strong executive direction and operational excellence.

We were generating a high level of energy and people were enthusiastic to look forward at that point.”

Marcel Nickler

Positive Energy

“We were on the edge. On the other hand, we were free. Being co-owners of the firm really released a lot of positive energy.”

Hans-Werner Wurzel

Why is the creation of our firm still so important? Because the beating heart and soul of our firm, our brand, our values and our core purpose – who we are, what we believe in and why we’re here – the stuff that never changes in our ever changing world, was honed in those intense early days.

But before we head on to explore our core, let’s take a moment to look back at our roots – where we came from in the lead up to our creation…