Our Culture

Our way of working

Informed and inspired by our brand, our purpose and our values, we build a consistent BearingPoint experience that sets us apart from our competitors and attracts clients and colleagues alike.

One of the key ways we bring this to life is through our culture – our distinctive way of working together as one outstanding firm. We call this the BearingPoint Spirit.

If our values express what we believe in as a firm, our Spirit defines how we work. Our Spirit has five key characteristics. Whenever we work with our clients and with each other we aim to be:

  • 1. Holistic

    We take a broader, more informed analytical approach, digging deeper and going further to lead the way in delivering greater value for our clients.

  • 2. Entrepreneurial

    We encourage fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for our clients, working quickly and smartly, applying our adaptive intelligence to take informed risks and break new ground.

  • 3. Confident

    We provide clear and compelling guidance, challenging and going beyond what is asked or expected to make a positive difference and be rewarded for the value we deliver.

  • 4. Trusted

    We focus wholeheartedly on our clients, working closely and openly with them to look after their best interests long-term.

  • 5. Easy to work with

    We have a positive can-do attitude, readily adapting to needs and circumstances – working with people, not just for them.

Great feeling

“It can be quite challenging. Different projects can bring different situations every time. Sometimes you start at 7am and it seems never to end, but after it’s done, you have incredible feelings of completeness. Even when it's just a local success for a day, or a week, you still have this great feeling.

I was working on an out of town client project for maybe nine months, and it was quite difficult to spend so much time out of your home, with new people. But after just a few weeks, we were working together, intensively, for eight, for 12 hours, sitting together, working as one team. And after the day, we would go for dinner, or to the bar, still together.”

Nikolay Smiganovskiy

Room to create

“I believe the entrepreneurial side of the spirit is a unique asset of our firm. We have less given structures than you will probably find at other places, providing room to create your own path and business case.”

Marcel Nickler

Uplifting responsibility

“If I think about the American constitution saying we will provide the framework for the pursuit of personal happiness, I think it is a bit similar here so you get the framework that gives you enough structure not to fall and at the same time it encourages you to live up to what you think as a team or as a company will get us onto the next step or to the next level. This is really encouraging.

The second day after I started with BearingPoint I began working for a client and they are still with me now. Again and again they have confirmed that they have never experienced the client intimacy and most of all trusted collaboration with any other consulting firm. It is a family owned business and they are very, very careful about trusting. Step by step they said ‘okay we rely on you’ and now they have given us the biggest possible project that they have for the next few years.

Of course it is a lot of responsibility, but they always say ‘we trust you enough and know that you can guide us and be a part of the journey’. It’s a very uplifting experience. At the end of the day it is really the feeling of responsibility that is the fuel that gives me the motivation. Of course getting paid is important but to know 2000 people in an organization trust in me and in our firm to deliver what is part of their future – that drives me much more. This is a client who has expectations and it is in my hands to make the delivery successful and that is an incredible entrepreneurial liberty to have.”

Marcel Müller
Senior Manager

Enjoying the challenge

“From the start I knew that BearingPoint was going to be a challenging place to work, in a good sense of challenging. I have to say that in my past job I was getting bored really quickly, so I wanted something where my brain was going to work overtime. At BearingPoint I get to try a lot of different roles. I get a lot of exposure in terms of clients. Even if you’re young, they bring you to the situation where you learn really quickly. So for me it is really interesting.”

Hélène Mattei
Senior Consultant

Faster, more efficient and effective

“BearingPoint has helped us to reduce the time and effort required for the development of campaigns. We now execute faster, more efficient, and more effective marketing programmes. With our “Always On Marketing” approach, we can now manage the customer experience holistically and seize opportunities that arise more quickly. BearingPoint supported us in all stages of this effort with a committed team that brought insight into the market and our industry. The team was highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced.”

Eric Crozier,
Senior Director, Customer Marketing, Barclaycard US

Drive and focus

“The expertise and the commitment of the BearingPoint team is very much appreciated; their positive response in stepping up when we sought their assistance for extra work has been invaluable when our teams are facing such tight deadlines. The drive and focus of the BearingPoint team has ensured we remained on schedule at all times in the project, achieved the project deliverables in full and also improved other core functions as we progressed.”

Lesley Slater,
Business Development Director,
LeasePlan UK