Our Future

Stronger for longer

Who knows what the future will hold. We can’t be sure, but we can be confident. We can be confident that we will continue to focus on creating ever greater levels of client intimacy – devoting our intelligence and adaptability to their long-term interests. We will nurture these clients for life through ever more exciting and valuable co-developments and ventures. We will go further and faster together as one firm.

And we will do this by making the most of our distinctive brand of adaptive intelligence. We will build a strong and coherent brand experience and truly lead the way in helping our clients navigate change for lasting success.

Bold pioneers

"At LeasePlan, it is our pioneering approach that has led to us being the recognized leaders in leasing. We know that we must challenge ourselves to be bold and constantly look for new ways to improve, grow and enlarge our market place. As pioneers, we have the perfect opportunity to change the face of leasing and improve our customers’ experience so that they really value what we offer and love leasing with us. The customer strategy we have developed with BearingPoint is a key foundation of how we love to do business at LeasePlan and BearingPoint has supported us beyond our expectations in this transformational programme."

Matt Dyer,
Managing Director, LeasePlan UK

Valuable impact

“Our place will be to have the added value, not to fight on prices but on outcomes and values.

What I would like us to achieve is that we are not awarded for a project because we are cheaper and we do the project on time and on budget – I want us to be awarded because we understand better. So that we go beyond commoditized project schemes and methodologies, and we go for what is the impact of this project and how we, BearingPoint, can help in really creating this impact.”

Hans-Werner Wurzel

Ever more adaptive

“The consulting world is changing dramatically. Huge parts of it are becoming more and more a commodity product. You can purchase consulting services all over the world and the pressure on prices and the best people will continue.

Consultants must be in the future much more flexible, quicker, more adaptive. We have to be much more open-minded. I think customer centricity is very, very important in this age. It is the vital basis for our business.

It will increasingly be not enough any more to go to a client and discuss with them how could we solve a problem – no, our clients will ask what is the best solution.

We want to grow, and I strongly believe we cannot grow as much as we want to with just pure consulting services. For our €1bn ambition, definitely we need more than only consulting. We need more services around software products, around our unique assets.

It’s a well-balanced mix: classical business consulting, software solutions, innovations and ventures. We need this balance to grow successfully in the future. For all these pillars, adaptive intelligence – I think it’s not just a great idea, it is mandatory!”

Jürgen Lux

Ever better

“For me it has always been important to never forget why we are here, and we are here because we’ve always been able to navigate through either difficult challenges or turmoiling situations or big changes. It’s a very big task to navigate the firm in the best possible way for the new generation. What you need to do in order to actually achieve stewardship is that you always look both back and forward in everything you do. We need to ensure that we can work with clients for a very long time. So we don’t try to optimize short-term benefits over long-term benefits.

The way I try to look at it is that I always want tomorrow to be a better day than yesterday. So for any consultant, either joining the firm, working in the firm, or having left the firm as an alumni, I want them to view the firm as better tomorrow than yesterday, and to be very proud of that fact. That’s actually where we can find commitment and adaptive intelligence. We will never be an elephant that just moves in the same direction. We need to be adaptive and use our intelligence to change our way of working, to improve. We’re all committed to the firm long term, for the upcoming generation.

If you look at our firm’s history, we have proven that in tough times or important times, whatever happens we come together in a very committed way and we are intelligently adaptive in order to cope and move the firm forward. We always come out stronger. We have a unique position, which allows the firm to be much more adaptive and intelligent to move quickly.

We move on to new areas but we do it with the same core. And that’s why we can be successful.”

Patrick Palmgren

Smarter and more agile

“The story today is not to be bigger but to be more agile to adapt.

When I look at the elephants of this world I think they are facing many more challenges than we do. Just to illustrate, when a firm has 100,000 employers in India to do system development and the cloud comes on board and now you don’t need to do system development anymore because you have software in the cloud and this is done by the software house, then what do you do with your 100,000 people?

I think we are much less industrialized; much more nimble and agile. Our core competencies are being very close to our clients and very close and very aligned with business people. When you do that and if you are smart enough and you adapt very easily, you don’t have those extremely difficult structural challenges that some of our competitors are facing.”

Eric Falque

Enablers for truly happy clients

“We recognize that the world is going to be a lot more networked, as opposed to big companies trying to run one kind of model across the globe. With so much innovation, and so much new technology emerging, you would have to recognize that big, sometimes, is bad, and small is beautiful. Because small is fast, small is thinking outside the boundaries, it’s more adaptive, and sometimes more intelligent. We believe that some big dinosaurs will struggle, whereas the nimble species that find new ways will be the new rulers, and it will not be by becoming big, but by effectively networking and working together, as we do through our worldwide network of alliances with other firms.

So I think while you need scale, you mustn’t get too over-dramatic about scale, because scale can be obtained through network models. You don’t need to have everything in-house. So we are proud of the fact that we are not a big, super player, but that we can sometimes act like one through that network model, and through network thinking and partnerships.

Clearly, the trend is towards players challenging the big guys with new concepts, so it’s creating intelligent assets that you take to market to address industry issues, or critical business issues for your client.

Gone are the days when you go in and ask your client, ‘What are your issues, and let’s try to figure something out.’ We have some assets and it’s the way we combine and use those with all our other skills and capabilities that makes a difference. Today we see these assets, these Accelerators as enablers for truly happy clients.”

Peter Mockler
Managing Partner