Our Values and Principles

Our basic beliefs

Surrounding and supporting our brand promise, adding to its strength and character, we have three values and two principles. These five basic beliefs guide and encourage us to achieve lasting success for our clients and our firm.

We are passionate people determined to deliver excellence in everything we do. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and to developing and empowering our people. Through teaming we get greater results and create more value. Through stewardship we focus on good long-term growth and development.


Moving forward

“One of the questions we asked at the time of the MBO – it perhaps didn’t feel like a big question then, but now I realize it was a major one – was: ‘Are we going to retain the values that the old firm had, or should we take the opportunity to really, really figure out what values are most important to us, as we move forward?”

We decided the latter made sense, and then we asked, ‘Well, what are values? Are values something that we, as a management team, believe are important in order to be successful, be sustainable, be profitable, good with clients, or are they something that already is within us, and, who is ‘us’?’

We decided that ‘us’ is all our people, so we went out to 3,000 people and said, ‘Here’s your opportunity to create the inner core of the organization, the values and the principles upon which we are taking the firm forward.’

So it’s about commitment to clients, it’s about excellence in everything we do, it’s about stewardship. And stewardship was actually one that we, as a management team, put in there. As leaders, we felt it must be there. Stewardship is about building a firm for future generations. The mindset should be that we build a firm that is stronger when we leave it than when we took it over, and the people that take it over are the new generation of partners. So it’s a legacy, it’s a legacy that’s going to be around for a long, long time and, therefore, as a consequence, our thinking tends to be a little bit more long-term.

Teamwork was obviously something that our people felt was very important, and of course, passion. It was interesting, I don’t know exactly how the principle of passion came about, because it was something that was never in any of our legacy firms, but it obviously became very important for our people to emphasize, whether it’s passion for client service, for commitment, for excellence – or simply being passionate about who we are. It’s not like just going to work, it’s not just serving clients, developing new products and services, delivering value for clients – it’s doing it with passion. It has to be more than a job, it has to be more than a role, more than a profession. It needs to be something that you are truly excited about, and I think you cannot be client-centric, unless you’re passionate.

Helping others succeed, you know, that’s consulting in a nutshell.

It’s taking advantage of the fact that you get to see a lot of environments and using the experience base to pool the best practices. But at the end of the day, it’s about helping people be successful and about stepping back, not taking any of the glory yourself, but giving all the credit to the clients – they are the heroes.

Just like within our own firm, we say that the people serving clients are the real heroes.”

Per Jacobsson

Truly together

“Before I joined BearingPoint I worked on the client side also with other consulting companies. The results were very good from all of them so that was not the differentiator. The key point was that with the BearingPoint team there was certainly a spirit in the room, a particular glue that made the team stick together. It was not some kind of elbow mentality where everyone is trying to outpace each other. It was a very friendly atmosphere and I always had the feeling that it was not just a group of consultants in one room but that these people had something more that made them stick together as a team. That was something that really struck me and when I decided to quit my old company I was sure that I wanted to go into consulting and it was one of the key facts to get me to BearingPoint – that working atmosphere that I sensed in that project.”

Marcel Müller
Senior Manager

Committed to excellence

“I have been with the company nearly 20 years so I have seen quite a lot of different projects. One of my latest projects was for a client in the telco industry. They used a bunch of freelancers for various projects. We as BearingPoint convinced them over a couple of months to give us the chance to take over the project and change management of an important international project.

There was a really strong team spirit. The teaming, passion, commitment was very high. There were no egoisms – it was not about what’s in it for me. The primary priority was to make the client happy and bring the project to a success. We delivered this project on time and budget and the client was very happy. We demonstrated the value.

Recently the client merged with another telco company and of course with the good experience they had with us, they set BearingPoint as prime contractor and trusted advisor for project management, and we are still working on different projects. We have been able to increase our share within this client and to have a very good position and reputation as trusted advisor.

So I find commitment of the team, passion, and of course excellence in delivery. It’s the combination. If you have good teaming and you can rely on each other then you will have a good outcome. That is the baseline for me: to be committed and to produce excellence.”

Franz Hiller

Embracing change

“To be successful, this project had to properly identify and address the needs of the business and help our staff embrace the changes in how they work and the processes they follow. It was so much more than a technical implementation. We needed a partner who really understood our business and how to successfully embed change. BearingPoint took an incredibly collaborative approach. They really did become part of a dedicated team demonstrating their deep knowledge of both the insurance industry, planning and the technology.”

Stefan Gfeller
Head of Planning & Project, Zurich Insurance Group

Very constructive

“The work of BearingPoint was very constructive, focusing on time and success. At the end of the day, this led to compliance with the specified deadlines and budgets.”

Dr. Andreas Grünewald
CFO, Sachtleben GmbH