Our World

Always changing; faster, faster

As we formed our partnership we not only looked deep within ourselves but also out to the wider world.

A fast changing world

  • Consumer driven
  • Creative disruptions
  • New combinations
  • Big data analytics
  • Ecosystem driven
  • Digital age
  • Hyper connects
  • Mobility
  • Internet of things
  • Social media
  • Regulatory pressure
  • War for talent
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Glocalization

Enabling radical transformations

“The world is changing significantly in different dimensions.

With the digital revolution, we are seeing dramatic changes across industries. Business models are evolving or no longer being the right business model any more! Also there are fundamental changes for people who live and work in this environment, where they have to adapt to new ways of working.

Looking back, IT was always a complement to the business. Now IT and new technology is a major element in business operations. It is at the heart of business success.

In the new world, these elements need to converge. Everyone has to understand that businesses must embrace the new possibilities of technology, such as greater connectivity, data analytics and so on. They must reinvent the whole way of working within a company and the underlying business model.

With our capabilities of delivering business consulting – combining a deep process, industry and functional expertise with the right technology – we at BearingPoint are well positioned to help organizations through the radical digital transformation. We have this convergence in our DNA together with the unique capabilities to combine the right skills and make transformations happen so our clients can succeed in the new world.”

Matthias Loebich

Sustainability means constant change

“We see the world becoming much more integrated, and that development is accelerating. Technology has opened incredible opportunities that we never thought would be possible. Today, also small firms can have a big impact in the economy and in our daily life, by using the digital infrastructure to create new, disruptive business models.

Part of our role as consultants is to help traditional businesses facing these challenges and to support them in staying up-to-date with what happens in the digital space. At the same time, we are also a partner to new players. We advise them on how to transform a brilliant idea into real business, a business that also complies with the rules of a highly regulated industry like financial services.

For us, there is no one direction. We always have to be open to new developments in the global market and transform ourselves accordingly in order to sustain as a trusted advisor to our clients. Hence we believe in sustainability – not only in the sense of environmental good and social welfare – but also in terms of sustainability of business models, client relationships, and everything we work on. To be sustainable you have to adapt yourself on a constant basis. I’ve been with the firm for more than 23 years now and I haven't seen much which did not change during that time. For me sustainability means constant change.”

Robert Wagner

Taking pride in the journey

“The world is changing and this is good news because change for us means opportunities to propose new offerings, new services to our clients, and new ways of working together inside the firm.

In the digital world we cannot go on with what we have seen in the past.

We have to partner with new companies in order to provide innovative services, to bring new ideas.

We have to be in a position to recruit and retain high potential talent. I am convinced the next generation will be very interested in learning inside our organization. So we have to create an environment in which everyone feels that each day they can learn more.

It is key for partners to be proud of their role – to demonstrate this pride through their day-to-day behavior, their energy and dynamism. It’s really a question of personal conviction.

Of course it is a journey. The first step is to be sure that each partner has understood the journey and is ready to become the captain of the boat, and to go for the new world. Each partner has to be a kind of Christopher Colombus!”

Hughes Verdier

We embrace and navigate this ever changing world. It’s a world that interests and excites us, that suits and drives us forward – guided by our distinctive brand and core purpose…